Londonbound: 50,000 Delta miles for a roundtrip


I received an email from Delta today promoting a new opportunity for a whole bunch of miles. Ever been to London? Ever wanted to go? Fly roundtrip to London between April 6th and June 30th (2009) and Delta will give you 50,000 miles. That’s enough for two roundtrip domestic tickets.

I was in London in January, and it was amazing. The food takes a bit of getting used to, as it’s prepared very different compared to food in the US. Definitely a place to visit though.

Register now for 50,000 Delta bonus miles and enjoy your trip to the UK.

2 thoughts on “Londonbound: 50,000 Delta miles for a roundtrip

  1. Wes

    Tix to London are really low right now. Now I just need a DC converter for a dialysis machine.

  2. csull Post author

    London is great, and definitely worth seeing if you have the chance.

    I forgot my DC converters too, which I realized when I tried to plug in my iPhone. Can’t live without that in a foreign country (even if everyone does speak English). Fortunately, you can get one of those at any of the hotels.

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