WordPress 2.8 Wish list

wordpressWordPress has released 2.7, and its already been downloaded close to a million times. Fortunately, the open-source community moves swiftly, and WordPress is no exception. They released a survey back in December of 2008, and while the survey is now closed, it provided some pretty interesting insight into potential 2.8 enhancements – definitely worth taking a look at if you’re a WordPress fan. A couple of the “wish list” items that caught my eye are:

  • Integrated theme browser/installer
  • Post/Page themes and templates
  • Sandbox environment
  • User permission refinement

The list was compiled of “left overs” from 2.7 that didn’t make it into the final build due to time constraints and the most popular items as discussed in the user forums. I think its pretty cool that software companies/organizations are finally opening up the opinion poll to the customers and leveraging things like user forums and social engagement sites to obtain feedback and inspiration. [Salesforce.com does a great job of extending this mentality via Force.com. Check out My Starbucks Idea for a perfect example.]

Check out the survey.

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