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iPhone 3.0 to arrive with voice recognition

I stumbled onto an article at about a potential enhancement to the iPhone 3.0 release. Code named “Jibbler,” the feature is also believed to allow for voice synthesis.

According to the site,”Voice synthesis can then be used to give the user a response, similar to the latest generation iPod shuffle, which can “read” playlists and track names—the difference being that the iPhone hardware itself could handle real-time voice synthesis.”

If this is true, it could have some pretty cool implications. My iPhone connects to my car over Bluetooth, and I’d like to think at some point I can tell my phone (via my car) to open the opentable application and make dinner reservations while I’m driving to the restaurant.

We’ll see what 3.0 really has in store soon enough…

And you thought CompUSA was over – 30 store national rollout

CompUSACompUSA, a previous “top three” electronics retail chain in the US, is now back in action with a whole new strategy. After filing for bankruptcy two years ago, and now a member of parent company Systemax, CompUSA is coming back with lower prices and remodeled stores.

Most controversially, CompUSA is enabling comparison shopping by way of every computer in the store (via the web). Ever wanted to go to the store to look at a product and then go home and order it on the web at a cheaper price? Now you can make your purchase with Amazon, at CompUSA, based on the product you like in the store. Of course, that’s not what they’re shooting for.
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3D movies gaining traction – Matrix 3D you say?

Godzilla 3dAliens & Monsters was a success, with the opening weekend hitting $59.3 million, and is said to be a ground-breaking initiative in the 3D arena.

Variety wrote an article on the new 3D emphasis in film innovation exploration. stating that, “the majors have been quietly exploring the idea of converting some of their most valuable library titles to the new technology.” Test movies up for possible conversion include Transformers, Titanic and The Matrix.

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Mobile rate plans are never going to be the same

Just a quick follow up to my previous post about Skype hitting the iPhone. As VOIP services start showing up on mobile platforms and adoption begins to spikes, how much longer can companies like AT&T charge $150 a month for 1350 minutes and a data plan (including Exchange on the iPhone)? My guess, not long at all.

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Skype for iPhone – hits the AppStore in 1 hour.

Skype for the iPhoneUpdate:Skype’s new app is now available on the AppStore. Quick download and install, and so far the app is pretty quick and acts as expected. More info to come. /Update

Skype will be releasing their own iPhone app tomorrow, to be made available via the AppStore. This is long overdue, so says an iPhone owner who has been relying solely on Fring for VOIP calling from the iPhone (I had horrible time with Fring while in London in January).

So the drawbacks identified so far are:

· Wi-Fi only – no using AT&T’s 3G network to make free calls….well, not like it works all that well anyways
· No text messages – again, not on AT&T’s dime
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Awesome deal on 24″ hi-def Dell monitor

Dell MonitorCrunchGear just released a post detailing a 24″ Dell monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution for only $209 (w/ free shipping). The monitor is being sold direct by Dell too, so no worries about getting a bum monitor. It doesn’t have speakers, but I figure you’ve probably got sound covered if you’re looking for a 16 x 9 24″ hi-def monitor.

Definitely worth checking out.

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