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And you thought CompUSA was over – 30 store national rollout

CompUSACompUSA, a previous “top three” electronics retail chain in the US, is now back in action with a whole new strategy. After filing for bankruptcy two years ago, and now a member of parent company Systemax, CompUSA is coming back with lower prices and remodeled stores.

Most controversially, CompUSA is enabling comparison shopping by way of every computer in the store (via the web). Ever wanted to go to the store to look at a product and then go home and order it on the web at a cheaper price? Now you can make your purchase with Amazon, at CompUSA, based on the product you like in the store. Of course, that’s not what they’re shooting for.
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Google Ventures – Supporting Entrepreneurship

Google Venture is an investment opportunity for entrepreneurial endeavors, with investment amounts “ranging from seed funding to tens of millions of dollars, depending on the stage of the opportunity and the company’s need for capital.”

Ventures of particular interest include a “broad range of industries, including consumer Internet, software, hardware, clean-tech, bio-tech and health care.”

If you think you have what it takes to spike Google’s interests, click here to let them know.

Broadband speeds in the US slow on purpose?

Interesting article on the New York Times blog a couple days ago about broadband speeds abroad, and the relatively low costs associated with both system upgrades and service delivery.

J:Com, a Japan-based ISP, is able to provide, what is speculated to be, the fastest residential internet service in the world, touting speeds of up to 160 mbps – for only $60/month (6,000 yen)! How crazy is that? What’s even more unbelievable is that they made the improvements to their network for about $20/home.

In the US, companies like Comcast are slow to adopt new technical improvements to their infrastructure. It is said that Comcast and other major US ISPs could significantly boost connection speeds for approximately $100/home, but are unlikely to do so quickly in fear that streaming media will result in a decline of cable TV viewers.

An interesting read…just don’t get too spoiled when traveling abroad. World’s Fastest Broadband at $20 Per Home

Google buying Twitter? Social buzz suggests – maybe

All the talk of the Internet right now if focused on the rumors circulating that Google is in final stages of negotiations on the acquisition of Twitter. This is interesting news, especially when you remember that Twitter doesn’t make any money. It was recently valued at $250 million yet turned down an offer from Facebook for $500 million (*including stock).

With Twitter a part of the Google family, Google could really extend the speed as which social data travels. Twitter is the place to be if you want real-time info on whats happening around the world, in a countless number of topics. Google News and other Google products could certainly benefit from some synergistic efforts with Twitter, extending reach beyond what they are capable of today.

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Samsung covers sheep with LEDs for viral marketing initiative

Samsung recently worked with Viral Factory on a viral marketing initiative. Pretty interesting approach to getting people’s attention – get a huge herd of sheep and cover them in LEDs. When it gets dark, make them run around and timewarp the video playback for all kinds of interesting visual effects. While I’m not a big fan of herding sheep, I watched the video until the end – one of those things where you’re just not quite sure why you keep watching, but you do.

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Custom SEO Reports for Google Analytics

I’m trying to dive into Google Analytics to better understand what its really capable of. Certainly “out of the box” it provides sufficient functionality for the average website owner, but for those that want to perform better segmentation and optimize marketing channels it doesn’t live up to Omniture or Core Metrics. Even so, it’s free, quick and easy to install.

I stumbled upon an article that explains how to leverage some of the advanced functionality in Google Analytics. Specifically, the article describes a step-by-step process to create filtering based on the referral header that parses Google search click-thrus. It also walks through advanced segmentation, enabling you to view reports based on visitors from Google, and which page your link showed up on for their search. Pretty powerful stuff when you’re working on keyword optimization strategies.

Check out yoast’s article titled New SEO reports for Google Analytics