Peeling Back WordPress

Peeling Back WordPressIt goes without saying that WordPress fans are everywhere. People are using WordPress for a vast number of reasons.

You can use WordPress at as a hosted blogging solution, or, for those of you who are more technically inclined, you can download WordPress and host it yourself at

For the purposes of this site, I’m going to focus on the self-hosted version, which happens to be the largest blogging platform in the world, currently servicing “hundreds of thousands of sites and [viewed] by tens of millions of people every day [].”

Often overlooked, WordPress also makes for an amazing CMS, enabling you to develop complete websites – even Ford uses WordPress to power their online marketing efforts.

Via this site, I intend to provide useful information for people working on the WordPress framework. Topics will vary from development and core-code diving, to styling and plugins. I am currently building a number of WordPress websites and will also share my experiences regarding the development and deployment of those sites.

Please feel free to participate by using the comments to share thoughts and ask questions. My goal is to build a repository of WordPress information that will help everyone get off the ground a little bit faster and really utilize all of the power provided by the WordPress framework.

If you’re just getting started, check out Getting Started with WordPress to learn how to install WordPress. Otherwise, dive into a specific topic below.

Please keep in mind I’ll be adding more content regularly, so stay tuned for updates.

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