3D movies gaining traction – Matrix 3D you say?

Godzilla 3dAliens & Monsters was a success, with the opening weekend hitting $59.3 million, and is said to be a ground-breaking initiative in the 3D arena.

Variety wrote an article on the new 3D emphasis in film innovation exploration. stating that, “the majors have been quietly exploring the idea of converting some of their most valuable library titles to the new technology.” Test movies up for possible conversion include Transformers, Titanic and The Matrix.

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Google buying Twitter? Social buzz suggests – maybe

All the talk of the Internet right now if focused on the rumors circulating that Google is in final stages of negotiations on the acquisition of Twitter. This is interesting news, especially when you remember that Twitter doesn’t make any money. It was recently valued at $250 million yet turned down an offer from Facebook for $500 million (*including stock).

With Twitter a part of the Google family, Google could really extend the speed as which social data travels. Twitter is the place to be if you want real-time info on whats happening around the world, in a countless number of topics. Google News and other Google products could certainly benefit from some synergistic efforts with Twitter, extending reach beyond what they are capable of today.

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Mobile rate plans are never going to be the same

Just a quick follow up to my previous post about Skype hitting the iPhone. As VOIP services start showing up on mobile platforms and adoption begins to spikes, how much longer can companies like AT&T charge $150 a month for 1350 minutes and a data plan (including Exchange on the iPhone)? My guess, not long at all.

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