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Custom SEO Reports for Google Analytics

I’m trying to dive into Google Analytics to better understand what its really capable of. Certainly “out of the box” it provides sufficient functionality for the average website owner, but for those that want to perform better segmentation and optimize marketing channels it doesn’t live up to Omniture or Core Metrics. Even so, it’s free, quick and easy to install.

I stumbled upon an article that explains how to leverage some of the advanced functionality in Google Analytics. Specifically, the article describes a step-by-step process to create filtering based on the referral header that parses Google search click-thrus. It also walks through advanced segmentation, enabling you to view reports based on visitors from Google, and which page your link showed up on for their search. Pretty powerful stuff when you’re working on keyword optimization strategies.

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Predicting Consumer Activity by way of Social Relationships

Interesting perspective on buying behaviors among social circles and the ability for marketers to refine targeting based on social data. References the Netflix competition – win one million bucks to improve suggestion relevancy by 10%.

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ANidea – powered by the minds at AgencyNet » Blog Archive » Predicting What Your Consumer Wants
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Of a similar vein, I posit the uncertainty principle of digital marketing: you can’t know who a consumer is and their tastes at the same time. After all, even if consumers would submit to a lengthy questionnaire