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15 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Update:Check out my new release, Peeling Back WordPress, for an in-depth look at WordPress.

WordPress plugins allow you to extend new functionality to your administrative users and website visitors. I’ve listed my favorite WordPress plugins below (alphabetical order).

If you’re interested in developing a WordPress plugin, but just not sure where to get started, the WordPress Codex site has a great beginner’s guide called Writing a Plugin.
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WordPress 2.8 Wish list

wordpressWordPress has released 2.7, and its already been downloaded close to a million times. Fortunately, the open-source community moves swiftly, and WordPress is no exception. They released a survey back in December of 2008, and while the survey is now closed, it provided some pretty interesting insight into potential 2.8 enhancements – definitely worth taking a look at if you’re a WordPress fan. A couple of the “wish list” items that caught my eye are:

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Working on WordPress

Just a quick note – I am working on a new “Labs” section of the site where I can expose some of the projects I’m actively working on. The first topic to tackle is WordPress. I use it. You use it. Millions of people a day use it.

I’ll be covering topics like code development, plugins, themes, CMS and all other things relevant to the tech-inspired. Stick around – it will be launching sooner than you may think.