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Record screencast video without software for free

Ok, maybe some software is required, but not the kind you’re probably thinking. ScreenCastle lets you record a screencast via Java through your browser.

Simply go to the website, click on the record button and a popup will ask you for the screen area you wish to capture. A black bar will float at the top of your screen, extending recording controls. It will even capture audio via your microphone.
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Samsung covers sheep with LEDs for viral marketing initiative

Samsung recently worked with Viral Factory on a viral marketing initiative. Pretty interesting approach to getting people’s attention – get a huge herd of sheep and cover them in LEDs. When it gets dark, make them run around and timewarp the video playback for all kinds of interesting visual effects. While I’m not a big fan of herding sheep, I watched the video until the end – one of those things where you’re just not quite sure why you keep watching, but you do.

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Hero of Sparta for the iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you’ve likely heard about this game by now. Hero of Sparta is one of the games for the iPhone that truly exceeds expectations. If you want an action/adventure game that really shows off gaming on the iPhone, definitely check out Hero of Sparta (available on the AppStore for $5.99, was $9.99).

Check out the trailer on YouTube below: